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  1. Steffi1690 Moderator May 06, 2021

    please add a signature to your drawings/art or it might get deleted.

  2. dchoggia14 Jan 09, 2020

    My last message was from February 2015, that is 5 years ago. Have been long time I never looked on my friend list so decided to drop by and say hello

  3. agent-Achika Jul 07, 2019

    Gd Evening Dancerinthedark!
    - I've been very busy w/college as well.
    I'm in the process of finally transferring
    to a 4 year Uni campus next Spring.
    - congrats on graduating.
    What degree did U get & in which field?
    -What is the anime: Kimetsu no Yaiba about?
    I also view AOT & Dororo lol.
    -My Summer is fine just busy
    going new places & chatting
    w/new ppl I meet locally.
    -Nope haven't traveled
    overseas yet but want to one day.
    -This coming Fall I'll be tutoring students
    who need help with English grammar.
    -Trying to get a new phone bcuz
    I need one to communicate w/friends.
    -Do you like to stay in hostels when traveling?
    -Seen any new films that just came out?

  4. agent-Achika Jan 18, 2019

    GM Dancerinthedark!
    -Remeber me?
    We spoke to each other years
    ago on here but somehow
    we got disconnected & never
    found each other again lol.
    -How have U been doing these days?
    -Have U traveled outside of Iraq at all?
    -Finished with school yet?
    -Seen any new series or shows
    worth sharing?
    -Celebrate any recent holidays?

  5. TheGarbageCollector Jan 27, 2017

    Edit: you went offline without saying hi ! ;o;
    *pokes harder*

  6. TheGarbageCollector Nov 20, 2015

    do watch, if you ever get a chance, akira kuroswa's "Ran".
    It's got a shakeseare level story, you'll love it.

    It might seem similar to King Lear, but it's different.

  7. dchoggia14 Feb 10, 2015

    hmm. seems both of us are not online regulary anymore. well, keep safe dancer. wish you the best for life :)

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